Frank Lacey, founding principal of EAConsulting, has been elected to the Solar Electric Power Association (“SEPA”) Board of Directors.  SEPA recently announced it was joining forces with the Association for Demand Response and SmartGrid (“ADS”), while naming Lacey to its board of directors.

SEPA expanded its board to include two additional members in order to accommodate the growth driven by combining the two associations.  Frank had previously been serving as a director of ADS.  He was elected by his peers at ADS to move onto the SEPA board.

“It is an honor to be elected by my peers at ADS to serve on the board of SEPA,” said Frank Lacey.  “SEPA is an educational non-profit organization that facilitates utility integration of advanced energy resources onto the grid.  The core focus area for EAConsulting is to help clients drive advanced energy resources into the electricity markets and grid.  Our goals are perfectly aligned.”  Lacey added, “I look forward to working with the others on the SEPA board, the members of SEPA and the newly formed SEPA Advisory Board on Demand Response and Smart Grid in an effort to achieve these goals.”

Frank Lacey launched EAConsulting in November of 2015.  He represents demand response provider CPower Inc. in its trade association relationships and on other matters.  He has been working in business and regulatory strategy and on advancing electricity market policy issues for over 20 years.

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