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Frank Lacey

Frank Lacey has over 20 years of regulatory policy and strategic planning experience in the energy field. He is a recognized industry leader in moving competitive energy markets forward. Prior to forming Electric Advisors Consulting LLC, Frank worked as Senior Vice President for Regulatory and Market Strategy at Comverge Inc./CPower, Director at Direct Energy, the North American affiliate of Centrica, PLC, and in energy and environmental consulting with Arthur Andersen LLP and Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett Inc.

Frank holds an MSIA degree from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University with dual concentrations in finance and environmental management.

Frank is focused on combining his finance and regulatory backgrounds to produce business strategies that make sense within the current regulatory framework, allowing his clients to extract true value from the markets. Whether your company is attempting to enter an energy market, navigate the regulatory landscape, protect market share, or manage cost and risk in competitive energy procurement, EAConsulting has the access, experience and business acumen to power your business forward.