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Strategic Planning


Business success in the energy industry is driven by a combination of effective policy management, development of strategies to react to the policy changes and implementation of the strategies.  Frank Lacey has been involved in developing and implementing responsive and effective business strategies for energy businesses for more than 20 years.

​Strategic Development and Planning Services

Market Analysis and Planning

Market Strategy — Effective strategic planning encompasses a rigorous financial analysis of the market opportunities, costs, risks and other variables.  It also requires a qualitative assessment of intangible variables present in the market, such as political interests driving related policies, external forces such as employment trends or other economic factors, the federal/state trade-offs and others.  EAConsulting has directly relevant skills, education and experience to bring all of those resources to your organization to develop an effective plan.

Market Entry Analysis — Energy markets present individualized hurdles and challenges.  Each market, whether state or regional, has its own set of rules, regulations, and guidelines. Many companies have gone where others have preceded, only to discover a market didn’t make sense for their businesses. EAConsulting can help your organization understand which markets are right for your company.

Case Studies

  • For a demand response provider, Frank developed a business plan to enter PJM capacity market with residential demand response resources.
  • For an electric retail company, Frank developed the market entry plan for a new retail electricity market.  Because of early mover advantage in the market, the strategy allowed the company to contract and secure almost $50 million in gross margin before the market opened to competition.
  • For a start-up competitive electric retail company, Frank developed the pro forma financial planning models and business plan to help secure $20 million in start-up capital.
  • For a group of investor-owned electric utilities, Frank developed the pro forma financial models, operating models, and strategic plan for a single-state for-profit independent transmission company.
  • For a gas distribution company, Frank developed an option-based financial model to justify pipeline extensions in rapidly expanding residential market.