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Energy Procurement

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Energy market deregulation changed the way every business operated. Companies must now proactively purchase electricity under contractual arrangements, shopping for the optimal balance of reliability and cost.  Current market changes include the proliferation of distributed energy technologies such as solar panels, battery storage and demand response, as well as evolving environmental regulations.

EAConsulting has assisted large industrial clients with navigating complex energy products, tailored to their individual usage and needs. We’ve helped enroll businesses in advanced energy management programs that have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs.  Let us help you manage the changes in the energy market and guide your business in selecting the appropriate energy solution.

Procurement Services

Electricity and Gas procurement — If your business is looking for an electricity or natural gas contract, Electric Advisors, Inc. offers solutions for competitively priced products.

Demand Response — If your business has the ability to reduce its electricity consumption when the electricity system is constrained, you can reduce your electricity bill significantly.  EAConsulting can assist in the evaluation of your business to see where your business might be “storing” electricity, enabling your company to participate in demand response programs.

On-site Energy Resources — On-site energy resources fundamentally alter your relationship with your utility and your electricity supplier.  Most importantly, they help make your business operations more resilient and less vulnerable to weather events and other unforeseen disruptions to the electricity system.  EAConsulting can assist your firm in evaluating on-site energy options to best maximize the productivity of your business.

Energy Incentives — Legislators, utility commissions and utilities are implementing innovative programs for reducing demand as a means to lower energy costs, comply with environmental goals, and ensure reliability.  As part of these efforts, many utilities are now paying incentives to customers to invest in technologies that support these goals.  EAConsulting can evaluate the incentives available in your market and provide guidance on alternatives.