May 31, 2022

Frank Lacey has completed his term as Chairman of the Advanced Energy Management Alliance (“AEMA”).  Frank was one of the founding members of AEMA in 2014 and has served on the Board of Directors for the life of the organization.  He ascended to chairman in 2015 and held that position for seven years.  AEMA was founded to be the coordinated advocacy organization for the demand response industry.  Because of enormous industry success at the time, the demand response industry was being challenged on all fronts, including on Capitol Hill, in the state and federal courts and at the local level.  While not a party to the Supreme Court challenge of demand response, AEMA had an important role in fostering support for the challenge.  Frank led an effort to file an amicus brief on behalf of his employer at the time, as well as on behalf of many customers who were beneficiaries of the value demand response was bringing them.  When AEMA was formed, it had only four members, all focused on demand response issues.  When Frank stepped down, it had expanded its reach to include distributed energy resources and had grown to 21 members.