Today, energy industry veteran and policy leader Frank Lacey announced the launch of Electric Advisors Consulting, LLC (“EAConsulting”).  EAConsulting will combine Frank’s business and finance expertise with his years of policy advocacy experience, advancing innovative market ideas and value-added solutions to EAC’s clients.

EAConsulting will focus its efforts on assisting energy company clients as they continue to expand advanced energy alternatives, including competitive retail products and services, demand response, distributed energy resources, energy storage and others into state and federally-regulated energy markets.

“I am excited to be able to continue to work toward improving our energy markets to make them more competitive and less reliant on conventional utility resources”, said Frank Lacey, founding Principal of EAConsulting.  “Energy technologies are changing rapidly and the companies driving these changes are looking for guidance on how best to bring the products to market.  EAConsulting has expertise in market design and market analysis and can help companies achieve and exceed these goals or other policy-oriented objectives.”

EAConsulting expects to be working with the leading competitive energy companies to help them integrate products and services into existing and expanding energy markets.

To learn more about EAConsulting’s business, please visit the EAConsulting Website at