2017 was an eventful year for Frank Lacey, principal of Electric Advisors Consulting LLC.

Since founding EAC in 2016, Frank has been assisting energy companies with a steady stream of regulatory and strategy issues. He’s assisted clients in taking full advantage of the competitive marketplace in energy procurement.  In an ever changing regulatory and market landscape, his knowledge and experience have been in high demand.  A few 2017 highlights:

  • Representing the Retail Electric Supply Association, Frank provided expert testimony in the Eversource Rate Case in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities ruled in favor of RESA, rejecting the utility’s proposed rule changes that would have harmed the retail providers and their businesses.
  • Frank testified as an expert witness on behalf of retail supplier Astral Energy in a billing and contractual lawsuit against it. Frank’s testimony discredited the plaintiff’s damages witness, and no damages were awarded.
  • The Boston Consulting Group subcontracted Frank as a subject matter expert, and he assisted with developing and implementing the energy efficiency program of an electric utility company. The program was successfully deployed for 2018.
  • Frank assisted Sigora Solar with its initial foray into grid scale solar projects in the PJM market.  Sigora successfully entered the PJM queue and is currently moving through the queue process.
  • Representing Direct Energy and RESA, Frank has recently assisted in important regulatory proceedings in Virginia and New York. Rulings still to come, stay tuned.
  • As Chairman of the Advanced Energy Management Alliance, Frank directs and approves the policy work of AEMA, regularly meets with FERC commissioners, EPA executives, members of Congress and the Executive branch, and their staffs to advocate for market policies favorable to advanced energy companies. Frank also serves on the board of the Smart Electric Power Alliance.
  • Frank provided a comprehensive overview of the demand response market for a confidential retail energy company seeing to expand its operations into that area. He also assisted a confidential private equity fund with an analysis of a potential demand response/energy management firm.  Both clients successfully invested in the demand response market.
  • Representing a confidential demand management company, Frank drafted and submitted comments during the rulemaking process for FERC Order No. 841, allowing the company to expand their market potential.
  • Representing a confidential restaurant chain in a large back-billing dispute with a utility, Frank worked with the utility and assisted the customer in reaching an amicable settlement.
  • Frank works with confidential manufacturing clients on designing custom electricity products that enable clients to hedge risk and take advantage of off-peak savings, saving thousands monthly and allowing energy costs to be predictable and manageable.
  • Assisting large industrial clients with enrolling in demand response programs, Franks has helped his clients save hundreds of thousands annually.

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