Energy Market Strategy

By combining unparalleled knowledge of energy markets with business acumen that has been proven to drive successful results, EAConsulting can help determine the best course of action for your business in the energy markets. 

Electric Advisors Consulting LLC

Energy Market Policy

EAConsulting can help you navigate the web of regulatory agencies and their rules governing your energy business. With over 20 years of energy industry experience, our principal Frank Lacey has the regulatory knowledge and access your business needs. 


Energy Procurement 

Partnering with licensed electricity brokers Electric Advisors Inc.EAConsulting can help you negotiate a competitive electric or gas procurement contract that best meets  your company's needs. EAConsulting will evaluate alternative sources of energy, such as on-site generation,  solar, battery storage or demand response, and help you minimize costs while managing risk. 

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  • Expertise to navigate complex energy markets
  • Strategy to capitalize on the ever-evolving regulatory landscape
  • Management of costs and risk in energy procurement